Recent conference presentations

Project team members Marta Tycner and Robert Wiśniewski took part in the conference `Miracles and Wonders in Antiquity and Byzantium’ at the University of Cyprus (Nicosia, 16-18 October 2014). Marta was talking on the “Solomon’s throne of the Byzantine emperors: Wonder, miracle and technology” and Robert on “Spreading the belief in miracles toward the West”.

Robert Wiśniewski also presented two papers at the Central European University in Budapest: “Handling the bones. How did the late antique Christians start to touch relics?” (Institue for Advanced Study, 29 October 2014) and “And we saw it with our own eyes… The sense of vision and the cult relics in Late Antiquity” (The Cult of saints Colloquia, Department of Medieval Studies, 25 November 2014).