Marta Tycner

Marta TycnerMarta Tycner trained as an historian and economist. Specialising in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, she earned a PhD from the University of Warsaw (2013) with a thesis on the foundation and dedication of Constantinople. In 2009-2011, she worked as a research assistant at the German Historical Institute Warsaw. Her main research interests include the history of religion and imperial ideology in the early Byzantine Empire, and the role of relics in the public space and ritual. She has published a monograph on the legend of the Holy Image of Edessa. She is also interested in economic history, and has participated in a research project using palynological data for the study of agrarian history in Byzantium and Central Europe.

Within the Cult of Saints Project Marta is gathering the Latin evidence. She also plans to prepare a study on the Martyrologium Hieronymianum, a 5th/7th-century Latin compendium of saints from the entire Christian world.